FAQ Barn Door Hardware

How long should my track be?

-the typical track length is 2x the width of your door

What is the standard head clearance needed for your barn door hardware?

-there is a minimum of 5 1/2  inches to 6 1/2 inches needed from the bottom of the track to the top of the door hanger assembly. The head clearance varies according to style (see link)  http://www.offthehinges.net/pages/anatomy-of-barn-door-hardware

Where is the hardware made? 

-after you place your order the hardware is fabricated in our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio USA

What is the hardware made of?

-our barn door hardware kits are quite substantial. The hardware is fabricated from hot rolled steel and we use only solid cast iron wheels with bearing inserts. 

What is a "powder coated finish"

-a powder coated finish is a heat cured finish that us much more durable than paint. At OTH we understand these moving metal parts require a quality finish. Our hardware is available in the raw steel finish and also in the powder coated black finish options. 

How difficult is the installation? 

-we provide easy to follow installation instructions. An average homeowner can install within 2-3 hours. Every door and situation is different and our kits are versatile to suit most applications. OTH is happy to help with any questions about your particular installation. 






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